During the holiday season, Starbucks is known for two things: extra sugary seasonal drinks, and cups that celebrate the Christmas spirit. But in 2015, the company decided to take a more non-denominational stance with their cups. Instead of doing a Christmas-themed design, they debuted simple red cups. In a statement about the cups, the vice president of the company, Jeffrey Fields, said, “In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs. This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.” Some customers, however, were not pleased. Joshua Feuerstein shared a videoRead More →

1. What do you call a broke Santa? Saint – NICKEL – LESS. 2. Why was Santa’s little helper depressed? Because he had low elf esteem. 3. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic. 4. Where does Santa keep his money? A snow bank. 5. Why did Santa go to a psychiatrist? He no longer believed in himself. 6. What do you call Santa living at the South Pole? A lost clause. 7. What did Adam say to his wife on Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve! 8. What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus? Crisp Cringle. 9. WhatRead More →

The 2 ½ -year-old tabby cat spent the first weeks of his life on a pontoon boat. And he loves roaming the neighborhood around the home of his owners, the Sanborn family of Dearborn, Mich. The cat had been missing for about two months when Judy Sanborn received a shocking call in mid-December. It was BluePearl specialty and emergency pet hospital in Tampa, with news that a local woman had found Bandit as a stray and dropped him off there. The woman told the clinic the cat followed her home. How he made the interstate trip remains a mystery. He could have hitched a ride inRead More →