At 22 he was too smart for Harvard and owned a Porsche (that he bought himself), I’d be laughing all the way to the police station. His mom was a top executive sitting on boards of many big companies, a member of the board of directors of the United Way, and a friend of John Opel, chairman of the IBM. Make your own conclusions how little Billy got his contract for MS-DOS with the IBM that’s the basis of all Microsoft’s fortune. Gates has said in an interview that a lot of credit goes to being at the right place at the right time. Now,Read More →

I’m always amazed at people who claim they “do their research” but their claim isn’t even some wild conspiracy. It’s just basic knowledge that you can find with probably the first link that pops up when you do your research. “Do your research” = “I’m a dumbass” Xbox is made by Xbox Windows is made by Windows PlayStation is made by PlayStation iPhone is made by iPhoneRead More →