When he went into the lottery headquarters to receive his single dollar, he asked that it be paid to him by check – specifically, by giant novelty check. And they actually did it. “I TOLD THEM I’D LIKE ONE OF THOSE BIG CEREMONIAL CHECKS AS PAYMENT. I FIGURED IT WOULD BE WORTH A SHOT AND THEY ALL THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY FUNNY. I’M SURPRISED NOBODY ELSE HAS DONE THIS Before”Read More →

The Nazis killed ~35 million – so there are a lot of groups that can be ‘ignored’. Furthermore, ‘Slavs’ are typically broken down into Soviet citizens, Soviet PoWs, Poles, Slovenes, etc. for a more nuanced understanding. Saying that ‘more Slavs died in the holocaust than jews’ isn’t wrong, but it requires you to view Slavs as the same sort of distinct cultural/ethnic bloc that Jews are. So already we can’t group Poles/Slovenes with the Soviets as they are quite obviously distinct cultural groups – even the Nazis specified this. So really to compare Slav deaths vs Jew deaths, we should be looking at Soviet deaths.Read More →

Born as an unholy union of three unconnected memes, this memetic amalgamation not only became a widely circulated template on the /r/okbuddy subreddit, but is also connected to the infamous “borgar” punchline.  Read More →