Zach Braff Advertise Erection Pills In Ukraine

Zach Braff himself recently discovered that his iconic character was being used to advertise some kind of medical equipment in Ukraine. And as it turned out, that ‘medical equipment’ was actually male performance enhancement pills.

It’s been almost a decade since the last episode of Scrubs aired (of the seasons that matter, anyway), but Doctor John “J.D.” Dorian is never far from our hearts. Personally speaking, I think of J.D. every time I see a grown man on a scooter, or whenever my friends all experience separate yet thematically connected problems that could really use a nice voiceover summary to round them all off.

He also recently discovered that his likeness was being used to advertised computer repairs in Ukraine.

German Wehrmacht sharing technologies with Italian troops

The best part of this to me is that a Roman legion would probably have been a much better ally than the WW2 Italian army.

Reminds me of Age of Empires, you leave out a group without upgrades and your army is cruising with trebuchets
Reminds me of Age of Empires, you leave out a group without upgrades and your army is cruising with trebuchets

A while ago, someone on Reddit wrote a long drawn out post about some marines getting sent to the Roman times and having to find their way back home. If my memory serves me right it started with a who would win scenario between a Roman legion or a squad of marines.

A movie studio contacted the guy who wrote it, and offered to get the right to make that into a movie from him.

The title is Rome Sweet Rome.

Vaclav Klaus Former Czech Republic President steals a pen, on camera.

Vaclav Klaus was the president of Czech Republic in 2011. Now we don’t know how much Czech Republic Presidents earn but high ranking positions like the leader of a country don’t exactly pay peanuts. That makes this theft all the more ridiculous, as not only did Vaclav steal a pen, he stole a ceremonial, jewel encrusted pen on live television.

Vaclav Klaus Pen
Vaclav Klaus Czech Republic President steals a pen

Even if he was stupid enough to think the cameras there for the sole reason of filming him sign a document wouldn’t catch him pilfering the ink coffin, it was a ceremonial pen. As in, that’s exactly the kind of thing people would notice going missing.
When asked to comment Vaclav Klaus simply responded that “he takes things all the time” which obviously makes it okay.