Donald Trump Tosses Paper Towels to Hurricane Victims

On October 3rd, 2017, Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci photographed Donald Trump shooting rolls of paper towels as if they were basketballs into a crowd hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Donald Trump's Paper Towel Toss
Donald Trump’s Paper Towel Toss

If he had tossed water/food packs into the crowd he would’ve risked injuries in the crowd from the packs hitting someone in the face or the people scrambling to grab them, which would’ve resulted in a PR disaster.
Better to leave the food and water distribution to the aid stations.

Also, paper towels help with the sanitation needs of the people, which in turn lowers the risk of disease spread that is a huge risk in disaster areas due to stagnant water and people with compromised immune systems thanks to injuries, malnutrition and temporary poor hygiene conditions. Also they’re useful as arsewipe.

Duckface is for girls who have no creativity

People have been doing duckface for decades, but it’s probably only with the rise of technology over the last 20 years that people have given it a name.The internet is full of doofuses pointing at any image of a girl doing a “smooch mouth” and screaming DUCKFACE to prove to themselves that they’re above arousal 😉

Duckface When it happens with duck gals
Duck duckface

“It’s kind of a mock sexy, a lot of females today feel so insecure about themselves, that the look is kinda a joke in itself. It’s a way to try saying ‘Hey I’m so secure that I make this silly face and can laugh about it with my friends, but its only because I’m really insecure and hope that this can hopefully get you attracted to me via false confidence.’”

Duckface is unnecessary
Duckface looks ugly. not sure why people do it.

Another reason for duckface is because insecure women thinks it hides their flaws. to some degree, it does. to those women who do a lot of duckface, to them it’s better to have cartoonish eyes and lips than a weak chin, crow’s feet, no upper lip, etc