Once upon a time there were three brothers who were knights in a certain kingdom. Now there was a Princess in a neighboring kingdom who was of marriageable age. The three brothers set off to travel there and see if one of them could win her hand. They set off in full armour, with their horses and their page. The road was long and there were many obstacles along the way, robbers to be overcome, hard terrain to cross. As they coped with each obstacle they became more and more disgusted with their page. He was not only inept, he was a coward, he couldRead More →

Hacker Wants to Marry his Computer — he claims she has a loving soul Finding love for the first time in his life, a desperate teen is looking for a way to be wed forever to the ‘girl’ of his dreams — a computer with a living soul! Eltonio Turplioni, 16, claims no woman will ever match the wit, wisdom, and beauty of his electronic soul mate. “We’re on the same wavelenth,” says the lovestruck computer whiz. “We’ve calculated many mathematical problems togehter, worked on games and puzzles, and talk until the wee hours of the morning.” And Eltonio, who named his computer Deredre, actuallyRead More →

1) It’s not common knowledge that Slick Willie tried to get into the Army as an 8F – in case of an enemy invasion, he’d be sent overseas! 2) Slick Willy is for higher learning. He wants to subsidize ‘training bras’. 3) I don’t want to say that Willy is Slick, but he convinced Mario Cuomo that capital punishment is acceptable ONLY if it’s not too severe. 4) Hillary has always been spouting off at the mouth. Until she was 6 months old, her parents were diapering the wrong end! 5) When Slick Willy was a baby, he bawled all night. Now only the spellingRead More →