On 15th August 1977, just like any regular day, radio astronomer Jerry R. Ehman was working at the Big Ear Radio Telescope observing data in accordance to the project that he had undertaken but then something happened which was anything but regular. The Radio Telescope started picking up on a signal which had no resemblances to the usual signals from Earth. It was directed from a region in sky which had no planets or stars, near the Sagittarius constellation. The strange signal lasted for a time of 72 seconds and then halted and was then detected never again. ​Jerry Ehman famously encircled the anomalous signalRead More →

Anyway, those who plays games like First Person Shooters and strategy games like Warcraft/Starcraft and such, could be familiar with the term “Capture the Flag”. The goal here could be that one team will place their flag in a spot and then defend it while the other team could move in and “capture” the flag for their team. Crystal City located in Texas and during World War 2, it served as a “civilian prison” for Germans, Japanese and Italian immigrants AND their families. I’m not sure how the “capture the flag” started but it seems that someone thought that it was good idea to placeRead More →

During those years, Coca-Cola was already the king. But seeing how Pepsi managed to get ahold of some market shares here and there, the notorious soda firm decided to react in the boldest way possible. How ? By launching a new product ? No. By changing to current one. This was indeed an epic fail as a poll showed that barely 13% of drinkers liked the new recipe. The New Coke was apparently too sweet compared to the previous one, and that led the consumers to being angry, not just upset. As a result, a plethora of campaigns led by passionate were launched to bringRead More →