In the mid-90s, when Amazon employed only a few dozen people, team members would gather on the floor of a 400 ft^2 warehouse to pack shipments. Sales began to accelerate and packing would extend into the late hours of the night, so Jeff wanted to make employees more comfortable with packing tables. So what did he do? Made a trip to Home Depot, and assembled tables using solid-core doors, four-by-fours, and metal brackets. This story has been told time-and-time again as a symbol for the values of Amazon. As a company, Amazon values frugality, and that the investments that matter are those in Amazon’s customers.Read More →

The official origin story for the Guinness Book of World Records, the annual book that catalogs all of human achievement, is that it was used to settle an argument over whether the golden plover or the red grouse is the fastest game bird in Europe. (It’s the plover). One of the people arguing, Sir Hugh Beaver, the Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery, noted that the answer was hard to find in reference books. So he started one to settle these kinds of trivial arguments and the Guinness Book of World Records was born in 1955.Read More →

When you look at the history of the bicycle, the first two-wheeler used by humans was the Draisine which was invented and patented in February 1818 by Karl Drais of Germany. On the other hand, rail transport might date back to the ancient Greeks. The first mechanised railroad system, i.e the steam engine, was started in England in the 1820s. Before the steam engines, wagon-ways were used in mining. Thus, surprisingly men knew how to drive a rail engine before being able to balance himself on two wheeler.Read More →