DC Comics did not create Superman; rather, he was independently created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who sold the character to Detective Comics, Inc. the precursor to DC Comics in 1938. Years later, when Superman’s popularity boomed, the duo attempted to recover the character’s rights, starting years of legal battles and copyright disputes. According to Joe Sergi’s The Law for Comic Book Creators, a few years after Superman’s debut in Action Comics, Siegel proposed the idea of having a comic series based on Superman’s early days, a proposition the publisher initially rejected. Then, years later, when Siegel was serving in the Army during WWII,Read More →

Rogue One hits cinemas mere days before Christmas. To keep you going until then, here’s all the critical intel on Star Wars: Rogue One released so far. Rogue one working title was ‘Red Cup’. Star Wars films have an odd naming history. Its place in the Star Wars time line is just before A New Hope. It is also 5 years after the Star Wars Rebels television show. Visual effects legend John Knoll came up with the story. He pitched it to Kathleen Kennedy and the rest is history. Doug Chiang is the production designer. His claim to fame is design work on the prequel trilogies.Read More →

Fidel Castro was born Aug. 13, 1926, near the town of Biran in the eastern portion of Cuba. His father Angel Castro y Argiz was a wealthy sugar plantation owner that had been born into a poor peasant family in Spain. His mother Lina Ruz Gonzalez was a maid in the elder Castro’s household who gave birth to him out of wedlock. Castro holds the record for the longest speech ever delivered to the United Nations: 4 hours and 29 minutes, on Sept. 26, 1960, according to the U.N. website. One of his longest speeches on record lasted 7 hours and 30 minutes on Feb.Read More →