Aircraft carrier was laid down for the Royal Navy during World War II as HMS Vengeance, but was completed only shortly before the war’s end, and did not see combat. After stints as a training vessel and Arctic research ship, the carrier was loaned to the Royal Australian Navy from 1952 to 1955. She was returned to the British, who sold her in 1956 to Brazil. Aircraft carrier underwent a four-year conversion in the Netherlands to make her capable of operating heavier naval aircraft. She was commissioned into the MB as Minas Gerais in 1960; the first purchased by a Latin American nation, but theRead More →

Michael has been the most common name given to American boys for every decade since 1950. The flag of Libya is solid green, with no stripes, stars or symbols. Saudi Arabia is the only existing country named after its royal family. Nepal’s flag is not square or rectangular; it is a double triangle. Mohammed is the most common given name in the world. Chang is the most common family name in the world. I don’t know how many Mohammed Changs there are. About a third of all Americans flush the toilet while they’re still sitting on it. The “Arabic” numbers we use are actually HinduRead More →

When John Glenn circled the earth in 1962, his spacecraft, Friendship VII, was slathered in WD-40 from top to bottom. NASA engineers hoped it would reduce friction upon reentry. Uses for WD-40, the list Removes grime from book covers. Prevents mud and clay from sticking to shovels and boots. Removes grease and oil stains on clothes. Softens new baseball gloves. Cleans chrome fixtures in bathrooms. Makes puck slide faster on a hockey table. Cleans and softens paint brushes. Cleans and protects cowboy boots. Removes crayon from walls, carpet, wall-paper, plastics, shoes, toys, chalkboard, monitors, screen doors, and rock walls. Eases arthritis pain (spray the painfulRead More →