First attested to by Pope Leo X and established by Pope Sixtus V, the Devil’s Advocate was the official name of the Promoter Fidei. The role of the individual in this position was to oversee….supervise so to speak….the beatification and canonization of a person. The Devil’s Advocate was to make sure a decision was not made hastily and that all the claims about a person were true and could not be discounted. In fact, the position actually required the individual to seek out and find objections to why the individual should be a saint. Plus, they had the power similar to that of the UnitedRead More →

1. Official Language (even tho it is the home of the most widely spoken language) United Kingdom has no official language. The U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand also have this in common, they too have no official language. Scotland and Wales both eager to seperate themselves from English Identity both list English as an Official Language. 2. National Anthem United Kingdom has no official national anthem, whilst other countries enforce an anthem, often singing about the country and its past and telling some sort of story about that country, whilst thinking the anthem is unique as it is about “one” story or place. England isRead More →

Sex is a process through which reproduction happens. Sex is given by the Nature because, for some reason, the Nature wanted to continue the physical form of Life without any efforts. It encourages the participants to have sex more often as it’s something that they enjoy. This will of course, with Heterosexual couples and those able to conceive, result in children which furthers the population. A male sex drive is about 4x higher than that of a woman’s which encourages a guy to go out and have fun with as many ladies as possible to further the race. If sex was purely for mating purposes,Read More →