.kkrieger FPS game of 96kb

The entire game uses only 97,280 bytes of disk space. In contrast, most modern first-person shooters fill one or more CDs or DVDs.According to the developers, .kkrieger itself would take up around 200–300 MB of space if it had been stored the conventional way. .kkrieger makes extensive use of procedural generation methods. Textures are stored via their creation history instead of a per-pixel basis, thus only requiring the history data and the generator code to be compiled into the executable, producing a relatively small file size. Meshes are created from basic solids such as boxes and cylinders, which are then deformed to achieve the desiredRead More →

Canadians often take great pride in being “nice”, especially in contrast to our American neighbours (who presumably are “less nice”?). But is our self-perception true? Or is it just fake news? Bryor Snefjella, Daniel Schmidtke and Victor Kuperman decided to put that question to the test. They decided to compare the language Canadians and Americans use, to see what that tells about our collective character. The researchers took to Twitter and analyzed 40 million tweets to see how well stereotypes of Americans and Canadians stood up to reality. Before looking at what they found, let’s take a moment to consider what a stereotype is. TheRead More →

1. Each person’s tongue print is unique. 2. Despite what most people believe. The tongue is not the strongest muscle in the human body. 3. Sarcasm increases creativity. 4. Scientists claim most internet trolls are narcissistic, sadistic and psychopathic in nature. 5. In 1897, Bayer, who is the maker of Aspirin, once marketed the drug heroin., (Why I’m not surprised!) 6. Carbon monoxide can kill a person in less than 15 minutes. If someone has to sleep in the car, he/she should leave one of the car windows open 2–3 cm. The reason is that the air can be heavier, and oxygen levels will beRead More →